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Writing and Outsource Projects

There are two camps of people. People who love to write and people who prefer to walk on burning hot coals. The good news is with places such as freelancers, people who may prefer to walk on burning coals can now easily meet people who love to write. In fact, one of the most common thing to outsource is writing. Author for all different genres and specialities are catered for and you can get someone to write a 100-word article just for 20 cents! With any outsourcing project is important to note some considerations before you start want only posting them. Here are some important considerations:

With each project in make sure that your give yourself and the freelance writer enough time to complete the project. It is important to remember what the process is in choosing a writer and go through the process of discussing the project at hand. One have to take into account that every writing timeline includes ads, interview and hiring times as well as the time for the freelance writers in creating your writing piece, submit the samples or drafts, edit and polish the job.

Another aspect that must be realized is that no matter how good a writer can be they are still not mind readers. To overcome this, all you have to do is make sure you are as specific as you can be in the job description, and keeping communicating your requirements for you projects. If necessary have some samples of works you wouls like the writer to replicate, especially if there is a certain style or tone you are going for. Give the writers some pointers will not annoy them, in fact many feel much more capable when there are clear structure and guild lines that they must follow.  A qualified writer will be well versed in asking clarifying question to get the most comprehensive details out of you. Remember, the more information you give them the easier the job you are making for them that in turn means the increased likelihood of you getting exactly what you want.

Another pointer is that there is generally a difference between ‘copy writer’ and ‘copywriter’. “Copywriter” is generally regarded as primarily writer of an advertising copy. Be sure to use the correct spelling, so you can attract the type of writer you need.

No matter what camp you come from, whether you love or hate to write. Now, you can get what you want. The author wants people to writer for and project managers want people to writer for them. Finally, this is a win-win situation.

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