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Car Wash Service Business

Washing your car or motorbike is the work for some people that can make them in very trouble some. Moreover, erratic weather in this lately time become more extreme, it makes lazy to wash your vehicle. This is certainly a chance to offer services as well as take advantage of business opportunities that have been open.

Washing cars and motorcycles is one business that was loved at the moment. A relatively small capital and the number of employees who are not too many make a lot of people who make this business as a sideline.

To start this business, we should have a place that is at least sufficient to store a car and several motorcycles and is located on the roadside. Other equipment such as compressors, rags, waterhose, and other tools we need to prepare.

Business washing cars and motorcycles, including businesses that have a definite target market, call it the vehicle owners who live a round us. You can offer a bike or car washing services to various types of offerings and services. From the motor and an ordinary car wash, quick wash and special wash. Motorcycle and car washing services usually only limited in the regular wash.

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