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Keep Strong Your Flower Shop Image

The more you keep the flower shop in the public eye, the more rewarding the effort will become. Keeping a positive, energetic energy around your flower shop can help tremendously.

Always describe an optimistic, confident image when you are out of your shop and in the community. You represent your local business. Here are five things to do to put forth an even more progressive shop image and to help reach a new segment of the local population. Do not ever think that just because you, the floral shop doors are open for business, that “everyone” knows you are open and the location of your store. Marketing your floral business is always be in your job description.

1) Join  your local Chamber of Commerce. As known to the Chamber of Commerce can give local support from like business minds. They can recommend you as a reputable flower shop. Joining the Chamber of Commerce will lend credibility to the business you are promoting. Chamber of Commerce is also known to hold ” business social”, where new business are introduced to the public. WAttend these socials and support other local businesses. Through supporting other local companies, you support yourself as well.

2) Investments in advertising material. Do not only do this on a whim. Sett an advertising budget for each fiscal quarter or for the year, whatever suits with your needs. Calendars, pens with your name on it, are the examples. So do not feel bad if you take your banking institution’s pen by accident. They want you. It has all their relevant information about it. Do skimp on your business card. Ensure your cards are creative and reflect your business image.

3) Get with the local primary school and plan a trip to your flower shop. This is very productive advertising for your business. The visit does not to be too long. Plan an acivity such as potting up a plant start or making a small bud vase. Children can learn fast. You will learn much from watching how the kids crop or design. Schools will always be an important part of the campaign. Get to know the staff at all your local schools.

4) If you’re a college in the community, where you have are working to, become familiar with  their functions. You may have the opportunity to teach in a floral design class or how to work with the plant workshop. Consider yourself with the the staff and the department of the college of university. A florist can teach a class at a women’s seminar. Excite people with whom you speak. They will come to your shop for materials for their projects. Stellar way to make known yourself and your flower shop!

5) Remove ads from your local movie theaters. Many movie theaters run advetising from local businesses before the feature presentatio begins. This is a great way to get your business name publicized. Think of all the people whom go to the movies; young and old, current generations and future generations. Around the holidays offer a special offer. Call your movie theatre to see how to begin.

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