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Keeping Colleagues Happy With Birthday Ecards

Sending birthday ecards to colleagues to express your friendship and care, is one of the easiest ways to show your warmth and feelings for them. Most of us operate with colleagues. Few people work from home, but even they have some business contacts. Otherwise one can expect a team of ten or more working together in a modern office. The goal of the team is to achieve common goals. To do that it is important that the atmosphere is friendly and cheerful. One most important element is care. If I feel that my colleagues care for me, I appreciate that much more than any thing else.

Most of are always busy with our work and that makes us forget important things in life. Remember urgent always takes precedence over important. That is the reason most colleagues forget birthday of their co-workers. Here is the easy way out. Make a sheet with names of all the co-workers and circulate that in the beginning of the year. Ask everyone to fill in their name and birthday. Now prepare photocopies of that sheet and pass one to everyone.

This will ensure that no one will forget the birthday of a co-worker. On his/her birthday, as soon as they start their computer and check mail, they will be delighted to find the inbox full of greeting cards. Select ecards with warm colors and the text should appreciate their qualities. Rather than selecting a card saying only happy birthday, select the ones that also have nice words to say about them. For example a ecard that says – we all appreciate your work and friendly spirit. Here is wishing you a Happy Birthday- will make the recipient feel much better.

Every business thrives if the people working are happy. Create the much needed happiness and atmosphere of friendliness with birthday ecards. Imagine two offices – one full of highly efficient people but no spirit of friendship and another with people of medium talent but great friendship and care for each other. Which place will produce better results? Make your choice. Keeping co-workers happy with birthday ecards is the easiest way to say – I care for you and I am your friend.

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