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Barry Kaye | Successful Insurance Agent Turned Author

Barry Kaye Turned A Successful Insurance Career Into A Series Of Wealth Creation Books

As a result of his successful 45-year life insurance career, Barry Kaye found himself sought after for advice on estate planning and wealth creation. His use of life insurance as an asset rather than an expense and as a means to reduce the estate tax burden on heirs quickly became popular areas of focus among his clients. These inquiries resulted in Barry Kaye adding author to his already lengthy list of accomplishments and diversity of careers.

Barry Kaye: Best-Selling Author

Barry Kaye has written eight books on the subjects of life insurance planning, wealth creation and estate tax planning. His easy to understand explanations and laymen’s terminology propelled several of his books to best-seller status and reinforced his popularity as a speaker on the subject of using life insurance in addition to a diversified portfolio. His very first book, How to Save a Fortune on Your Life Insurance, achieved best-seller status. The Investment Alternative, presents Barry Kaye’s suggestions as to how life insurance can be used to your advantage and as a key component in wealth creation. Die Rich and Tax Free, Die Rich 2, Live Rich, You Buy, You Die, It Pays, Save a Fortune on Your Estate Taxes and Save a Fortune on Your Life Insurance round out Barry Kaye’s publications.

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