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Tips For Successful Start-up Business

A key element to entrepreneurial success is choosing the right people to be part of your management team. In fact, angel investors and venture capitalists both view strength of the management team as the major determining factor in whether they are willing to make an investment in the company. But it is also important for an entrepreneur to have outside advisors he or she can trust and rely on, an accountant being one of these. Even a start-up company with little or no revenues needs to have a good accountant available, as well as an attorney who has experience with young businesses.

Accountants are important members of a company’s team. If you’re a start-up or small business you may not have the resources to hire an accountant full time. There are software programs that can do most of the data entry but it’s still a good idea to hire an accounting firm on a consulting basis to oversee your accounting systems, processing, and tax returns.

Attorneys are just as important, perhaps more so than accountants. An attorney can guide you to select the most appropriate way to set up your business. The best time to retain an attorney is before you need one. It’s worth the money to know that if something comes up you have a legal expert who is familiar with your company. Attorneys have valuable contacts with venture capital firms and private investors. They know what is reasonable in a private offering , what isn’t, and what must be included.

An attorney can also help you protect your intellectual property, trademarks, trade names and trade secrets. While it may seem expensive to have an experienced attorney on your management team it will avoid problems later.

Business Appraisers can tell you how much your business is worth and why. If you’re considering refinancing, that business appraisal can help you determine how much debt the company can carry.

If you’re considering selling your business the business appraiser can provide a ball park valuation. Of course the buyer will want to conduct their own due diligence and may even hire their own independent business appraiser, that’s to be expected. The appraisal you have completed gives you a bench mark to start negotiations.

A Business Plan Consultant can expedite the business planning process. If you’re looking for investors a well thought out concise business plan is critical. If you’re considering starting a company, a business plan will help you improve your chances for success and avoid making serious mistakes. You may be the only one who reads this plan, although you should have input from a number of other people with business experience. A business plan is an important ingredient to the success of a start-up business.

Using Consultants to provide services you need on an outsourcing basis can be much less expensive in the long run than hiring someone as an employee. The consultant probably will cost more on an hourly basis but you only need their services on a project basis. Consultants can provide programming, technical assistance, and communications expertise, just to name a few areas.

When hiring a consultant, or consulting firm, ask for references and check those references. A good place to start the search for a consulting firm is to ask your attorney and accountant for recommendations.

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