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Real Estate Agents Using The Internet

Only a few real estate agents have worked out how to use internet  technology to their advantage, most agents still operate in the pre internet mode. Things are slowly changing but it is taking some time to catch on.

There is more than one way to use the net to your advantage if your selling and dealing with large numbers of people through both the listing and selling stages of a real estate transaction. Building and maintaining a good database can be to some extent set on auto pilot as people can opt in and opt out of the process online via the website interface.

Agents and marketers are now waking up to the value of using video to showcase properties via their websites although this has been around for a while Youtube has made things much easier. Websites such as offer a free blogging platform for agents and real estate professionals and this gives agents a big advantage over many traditional classifieds websites as blogs offer many more options when it comes to details and features.

They also offer instant benefits in the search engines and syndicated data for users to subscribe into, more agents are only now working out the real advantages of the platform, its still a very  good time to get in early and stamp your authority on a niche area via a blog.

Real estate is still a person to person business but in order to reach the top the smart agents have adapted quickly to the new marketing angles enabled by the net. What kind of agent are you dealing with?

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