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Alternative Investment Types with Higher Returns and Risks

When you have already settled with your current job occupation and income, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have other options to invest. On the contrary, the more you gain returns and income, the more chances for investments are available before you.

At first, when you start your investment, you may start it on the traditional investment such as stocks, bonds, or cash. Along the time, your investing skill is advanced, and your capital availability is increasing, hence it opens more choices for you to go to the alternative investment types. One thing to note, alternative investments possess higher risk as well as higher returns. The higher risk is due to the styles of trading as well as the regulation and liquidity that is limited and less than the traditional one. There is a minimum amount that should be fulfilled by the investors where the amount is higher than the traditional one. The fee to manage your alternative investment is high, ranges from 20 to 35 percents on the performance fees, as well as over 2 percents for the management fees annually.

When you are looking for the alternative investments, there are four options that you can go, which are the hedge funds, venture capital funds, managed future accounts, and the real estate investment trust or REITs. What you should determine to choose one of those alternative investments are your balance as well as future projection of the possible return and fees that you will gain and pay as well as your future spending at least in 10 years time.

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